Rules for Managers & Captains

Selection Process


1 Captain, Manager and vice-captain make squad selections


2 Selection only takes place after a series of trial matches,  

  from those who attend trials


3 Players can only be selected from the appropriate age group

  unless their age-group captain has released them for another  

  squad.  Prior canvassing by players or other captains is not



4 Squad must be selected and submitted to Hockey Wales at

  least one month prior to each match or tournament


5 A player may only play for one age group at any event









Manager Responsibilities


1 To plan & co-ordinate team programme


2 To organise training, trials & tournament logistics


3 To fulfill the official Team Manager role at all recognised

   tournaments in accordance with FIH, IMHA & WGMA guidelines


4 To provide management support for coaches, players & medical



5 To manage the financial affairs of the squad, including collection

   & payment of fees


6 To liaise with the Welsh hockey Masters Co-ordinator regarding

  media coverage