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President        Brian Minney 


Chairman       Jeff Robinson  


Treasurer       Dave Ferguson



Teams           Manager                                                                                  Captain


Over 35s         Lee Slipanczewski      Tim Jones    


Over 40s         Nic Hull                                      Jon Painter


Over 45s         Barry Dunn                         Jon Painter


Over 50s         Keith Walters                                 Tim Crabbe


Over 55s         Steve Warr                                Don Clark


Over 60s         Richard Evans                    Richard Evans


Over 65s         Gareth Hughes        Richard Chapman


Over 70s         Eric Evans                       Glyn Thomas


Dragons 50s                                                                                                       Nick Pratt


Dragons 60s   Jeff Robinson               Dave Maas

New players can email the appropriate manager from the list below or use the direct link from the TEAMS page.  Else use the Enquiry Form on the MEMBERSHIP page to contact the Chairman.

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