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2016 World cup : Day 3 & 4 of Grand Masters in Newcastle, Australia

By walesdragons, May 6 2016 10:11PM

Day 3 was good for 60s, who beat Singapore 6-1 and yet were still disappointed with their performance! 4 goals from Zahid Arian and one each for Malcolm Woodward and Sean Sutton saw Wales to top place in their group and Zahid to top of the tournament goalscorers list with 6. Pretty sure no Wales Grandmaster has ever scored 4 goals in an international before......

The 65s gave a gutsy but below par performance to beat Belgium 2-0 to take 2nd place in their group. Both goals came from Richard Chapman, one on open play and the second a great direct penalty corner strike.

The 70s had another tough match in the heat of the day and went down 0-5 to a strong England side. Three games on three days with a squad of only eleven in temperatures in the upper 20s has been very hard on them.

Day 4 was a great day for the 65s with a convincing 3-0 win over South Africa (our first ever). A draw against New Zealand in the final pool match tomorrow will guarantee a place in the semi-finals. In the first half Wales drew the sting from South Africa, who had had a hard match the previous evening. Following the tactical plan perfectly, they then turned on the pressure with a goal from Derek Wright half way through the third quarter, and Derek followed those with two more fine goals in the final quarter. All three goals were the result of dominant midfield play giving the space for Richard Chapman and Richard Harbottle to set up the goals. The highlight was the third created by an intricate Richard Chapman dribble up the left, across the by-line and into the circle before releasing a perfect pass for the scoring shot. This was the first international hat-trick by a Wales 65s player.

The 60s had a much more sobering day when they faced a scintillating Australia side and were soundly beaten 10-0. Wales were not helped by injuries to key players but few teams would have lived with Australia on that performance. The intense pressure Wales were under was demonstrated by the fact that 5 goals came from penalty corners and one from a penalty stroke. Wales remain second in their group but are likely to be overtaken by Australia whose last game is tomorrow.

Wales 60s goalkeeper has just been beaten for the first time by Australia's penalty stroke expert John Campbell to open the scoring in Wales 60s 10-0 defeat.......

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