A Dragon's Tail [sic]

Wales Hockey Masters the banner for representing Wales at veterans level, with teams participating in banded age groups against the Home Nations and across the world, with teams ranging from Holland, Germany & France through to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand & even Eygpt.


The age groups are in 5 year increments, from Over 35s through to Over 70s.


Each year there is a UK Regionals tournament and a UK Home Nations event.  A World Cup is held every second year, alternating with a European Cup.  


In addition to these full internationals there are a series of Dragons "friendly" matches which allow us to introduce new playes and keep the squad sharp.



Masters hockey is really booming.  


The 2016 World Cup was held in Australia, with over 70 teams participating. Whilst the 55s gave a fantastic showing, narrowly losing to Scotland for the Bronze medal, the biggest story was the Bronze medal win for the 70s after a nail biting penalty shoot out!  The 2018 World Cup is to be in Spain.


In 2015 the Euopean Cup was held in England, at St Albans, Stratford and Southgate (there were too many teams to accomodate them all in one location!).  In 2017 it is to be hosted by Holland.


We are always searching for new (well, nearly new) talent so please, come along and see for yourselves and help us put Wales on the map

The Committee

President: Brian Minney


Chairman: Jeff Robinson


Treasurer: Dave Ferguson



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